The Sandwich Incident

The original episode title was “The Sandwich Incident.” It was the better title.

We should have known.

Who throws away a perfectly good sarnie?

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Buffy Meme | Four Relationships (2/4)

Your affection for your charge has 
rendered you incapable of clear and 
impartial judgment. You have a father’s
love for the child and that is useless
to the cause.

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Chris Pratt told me that if the Guardians could team up with the Avengers he would pick Captain America. Who would you like to team up with?

Marvel diplomacy at it’s best.

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Joss Whedon - The Sequel Napkins

Joss Whedon – The Sequel Napkins

“A doodle. I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.”


Once again Joss Whedon wins the t’interweb,

A few ago, @ThoughtOtter accidentally summoned Joss Whedon on twitter (see the full exchange here). Being a busy…but benevolent creature, The Whedon one immediately granted one gift.

Here – for your pleasure – is the Napkin Sequel for Buffy.


No word yet on how this will impact on the comic sequel.

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Reed Diamond to appear in Agents of SHIELD

20140726-010749 am-4069189.jpg

20140726-010749 am-4069118.jpg

Reports are flooding the t’interweb that Joss Whedon alum (and personal favourite) Reed Diamond is to appear in the second season of Marvels Agents of SHIELD.

Reed Diamond is tipped to play Daniel Whitehall – a villain, who – in the comics – is a ruthless HYDRA agent known as the Kraken.

As if I wasn’t excited before!!!

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I’m not…but I should be!

I wear the cheese, it doesn’t wear me!


I wear the cheese, it doesn’t wear me!

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sunnydale high, class of 1999

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